1975 yamaha yz250

Saturday, October 23, 2010

chapter one

These guys were pros and others were top experts and district 23 state champs. Jeff Jacobson (Jake) was 125 and 250 state champ in Minnesota.  He raced the Florida Winter-am in 1981 and showed Bob Hannah his rear fender on more than a few occasions that series. He seemed like he was on a mission after being embarrassed by Jim Benolkin at the Millville Amateur National in 1980. Jake dominated district 23 125 and 250 classes that year, but Jim Benolkin won all his motos and Jake took 5th overall at Millville (it used to be at a different track every year, not just Loretta Lynns).

Brian Carney was Wheels West and Kawasaki factory support rider in 1980. He raced the 250 and 500 expert classes and dominated the 500 class and won 250 when Jake didn't. He came to Millville 1980 with big hopes. At the national he chose to race 250. He pulled the holeshot and led into the sandwash when his frame broke in half and his bike went two separate directions. His race was over and he rode Yamahas in 1981 and Hondas in 1982. He won many state championships and raced for years and years.

Ron Heppner was a top mini rider but really came into his own when he raced 125's. He won state championships and also raced pro. He is a new Straight Arrow club member and now his sons race.

Don Bonnicksen raced 250 and 500 and was a top expert and raced the Millville Pro National on a 500. Later he would win many state championships in vet and sr classes. His biggest win was in motocross on a snowmobile or Sno Cross. He was factory Polaris racer and was vet pro World Champion. That's all for now but I have a lot of other racers and a lot more stories.

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